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The company I was working at decided to transfer approximately 100 staff from direct hire to Third Party recruitment agency, which included myself. We were presented with a list of approximately 40 recruitment agency companies to choose from, with whom we wanted our contracts transferring across to. This was new to me as I had always been a direct hire where I had worked previously. Through recommendation, I selected Al Qabas. I cannot recommend Al Qabas highly enough. Their professionalism, attention to detail and focus on service excellence from my first meeting, throughout my employment and at the time of my departure from the agency, was second to none. They took all my concerns on board and relieved me from any worries, stress and the need to run around arranging legal documents. The PRO assigned to me, Mr. Nabil, is a leading example of how to satisfy customers. Thank you Al Qabas!

Altaf Lorgat

Sr. Facilities Management Engineer

With pleasure, I would like to tell you that Al Qabas Employment service is Excellent, doing all kinds of service in time according to the the norms of UAE laws and regulations.
Ahmad Aljarrah
Opco’s Transport Senior Coordinator